Nanton Ice Cream

Open from 11am – 8pm everyday Spring – Fall.

Located beside the Candy Store is the Nanton Ice Cream Shoppe, a seasonal Ice Cream Shoppe that keeps Main Street smelling sweet all summer long. Opened in 2009 Nanton Ice Cream is open 11am – 8pm everyday from Easter to Fall. However when Spring comes early so does Ice Cream season!

Nanton Ice Cream carries the Best Ice Cream in the West! With 35 delicious flavours including a Non-Dairy option, Sherbet, Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt and Sugar Free. Don’t like Hard Scoop Ice Cream? Nanton Ice Cream has the creamiest, smoothest Soft Serve around, try it in classic Vanilla, smooth Chocolate or the favourite: Twist, some call it Swirl, most just call it delicious. For that extra somethin – somethin’ get your soft serve cone dipped in Chocolate or rolled in Rainbow Sprinkles. Not in the mood for Ice Cream? New this year is a line of the Canadian Classic since 1969: The Pop Shoppe. We carry the retro Glass bottles in all your favourite flavours: Orange, Rootbeer, Lime Ricky, Grape, Pineapple, Cola, Cream Soda and Black Cherry. We also carry Nanton Water. Can’t decide? Try a Pop Shoppe Float! It’s the best of both worlds – pick your favourite Pop Shoppe flavour and combine it with your favourite hard ice cream or try it with our soft serve. Ice Cream Sandwiches are made in store regularly as well.

Our favourite thing about Ice Cream season is the Fresh made Waffle Cones! Every Day from open to close you can catch Nanton Ice Cream making fresh cones, the smell is too good to ignore!

So don’t forget to grab an Ice Cream during your next visit to our Sweet Corner.


Nanton Ice Cream Shoppe

2129 Main Street


Nanton, Alberta

T0L 1R0

Phone: 403-646-0000


Instagram: Nanton Ice Cream