NotSoFine Antiques

Inside the Candy Store you’ll find almost 1000 sq feet of anything & everything style antiquing. From floor to ceiling, NotSoFine Antiques is always changing with new additions added weekly year round and daily in the summer months. The best prices in town allow you to take home all sorts of memories. Come visit us and enjoy a walk down memory lane.




NotSoFine Antiques offers an ever changing selection of household items, western and farm stuff, collectibles and everything in-between including: glasses, tea cups, saucers, serving platters, mugs, salt & pepper shakers, cookie jars, rolling pins, cookbooks, gravy boats, vases, bells, figurines, decorations, brass collectibles, candle holders, vintage beer cans & bottles, pictures, clocks, suitcases, bags, old phones, records, magazines, board games, pop & apple crates, sports and many other trading cards, tables, hats, boots, coats, toys, history books, encyclopedias, novels, sets of books, sports equipment, tins, picture frames, mirrors, desks, lunchboxes, wood carvings, shaving paraphernalia, belt buckles, lamps, lanterns, antique school supplies, typewriters, jewelry, comic books, coke collectibles, milk jugs, milk bottles, buttons, pins, spoons, old radios, speakers, cameras, musical instruments, dolls, keepsakes, ashtrays, pipes, large signs, tractor seats, pails & buckets, snowshoes, sleighs, jars, whiskey jugs, cash registers, license plates, various hand tools, homemade items, wagon wheels (steel & wood), chaps, branding irons, racks, signs, chairs, horse collars & harnesses, traps, rusty pales, wash buckets, pitch forks, antique pumps, oil & gas memorabilia and so much more!

Looking for something in particular? Give us a call – our friendly staff is always happy to look around and let you know what we have in store. Call us locally at 403-646-0000 or toll free at 1-866-646-7177. Or email your inquiries to

Whether you’re looking for something retro, vintage, antique, classic or just plain ol’ old come visit us at NotSoFine Antiques. Located inside the Candy Store in Nanton, along Highway 2 South in the heart of Nanton, Alberta.